Released 2018-04-01
13587: [Plugins] Calendar with min and max date always show error message (DenisChenu)
13201: [Survey design] Integration Panel and Answer (markusfluer)
13542: [Survey taking] Question index (head) show diable even if work (DenisChenu)
13544: [Theme editor] Unable to use flatEllipsizeText function in (some) twig file (DenisChenu)
13579: [Plugins] The first time that it shows the plugin of the calendar appears in English and no in the language of the survey. (DenisChenu)
13604: [Plugins] beforeSurveyDelete didn't happen when delete a survey (DenisChenu)
13578: [Theme editor] Unable to use "Copy to local template and save changes" (markusfluer)
13520: [Theme editor] Unable to import template (TonisOrmisson)
12670: [Import/Export] Cannot export a survey in .html (LouisGac)
13078: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Add participants - Survey participants table (LouisGac)
12891: [Response browsing] Select multiple survey responses - no action working (markusfluer)
12596: [Other] Question type selector option is not working (LouisGac)
12687: [Survey design] Quick tranlation function not working (LouisGac)
13586: [Survey design] bootstrap-alert-box-modal - close button is not translated (c_schmitz)
13560: [Security] Stored XSS in Boxes (markusfluer)
12365: [Conditions] Using relevance equation on multiple choice sub-questions removes "Other" selection (markusfluer)
13554: [RemoteControl] list_surveys only returns surveys belonging to user
13562: [Security] CSRF in box deletion (markusfluer)
13569: [Assessments] Final assesments are shown even if no assessemnt is set (DenisChenu)
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