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09941Feature requestsSurvey editingpublic2018-09-24 08:31
Reporterdelfin Assigned To 
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Summary09941: Need a subquestion/answer relevance equation option for ranking questions and different question types on dual scale array.

Hi guys,

1.-I want to put a RANK question that filters the subquestions/answer options based on a previous question's answer. That previous question is a an ARRAY DUAL SCALE on dropdown. The filter would be based on the options chose on the first scale. So what I want is that if they choose option 3,4 or 5 this answer options would show on the RANK question, or if they choose the options 1 and 2, those answer options are filtered(not shown) on the ranking answer options/subquestions.

2.- Different type of questions not available on dual scale answer, one with dropdown(single answer) and 2nd scale with multiple choice, choose any that apply.

3.- 3erd scale would be very convenient. Not as urgent though.

Additional Information

tpartner had an interesting hint on #1
"In 2.06, you can set relevance for sub-questions. [EDIT]Seems this is missing in the ranking question - use the 2.05 approach until that's fixed.[/EDIT]

In 2.05, as far as I know, the only way to do this would be to insert a hidden multiple-choice question and use JavaScript to toggle it depending on the array answers. Then you could use the "Array filter" setting in the ranking question."

DenisChenu has a similar ticket not completely approaches all points I think: but could be solved if this ticket is closed.

Pls let me know if you need additional information.

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related to 09774 new Bug reports No PHP control on answer filtered for radio and ranking 
related to 13647 acknowledged Bug reports Different approaches of creating subquestions and answer options with different Array type questions 




2015-10-02 20:40




2015-10-10 13:07

developer   ~33330

The link with the ticket is : actually we use same system for SubQuestion relevance and AnswersRelevance ....

  • show the problem of this approch
  • This one show the missunderstanding of this approch : because if we have a good system for AnswerRelevance : we can use it for Ranking but for ANY single choice/array question type :)


2015-10-10 22:31

reporter   ~33331

Thx Dennis I agree that if the good Answer-relevance system it would be able to handle single choice/array question type. But I'm also requesting a dual scale question type, were you can choose different question types o 2nd scale. For example multiple choice. Or drop down single choice on scale one and not dropdown on scale 2. Which I think it's one step further than just fixing the answer relevance thing.
Also a 3rd scale would be a lot of value for more complex Surveys.



2015-10-12 08:25

developer   ~33334

Hi delfin : ther, maybe 2 Feature request

  • 1st : Relevance in Ranking/single choice radio (because we have the Array filter)
  • 2nd : Relevance for Array Dual scale AND array_filter (we don't have array filter actually on 2nd scale)
  • 3rd : 3rd (or more) scale system




2015-10-23 00:24

reporter   ~33420

Hi Dennis, this is correct. But still missing the different type of question on 2nd scale. For example 1st scale dropdown single choice. 2nd scale multiple choice.



2018-05-23 11:00

developer   ~47730

Denis, this should be easy to fix in 4.0 by pushing the expression evaluation in twig, right?



2018-06-05 02:52

developer   ~47979

@LouisGac : i think the biggest issue is usage of same code for subquestion and for answers … purpose is totally different, then need a better em fix



2018-09-24 08:30

developer   ~49112

Last edited: 2018-09-24 08:31

@LouisGac : about twig, hml is not the issue. The issue is more : how hide columns in array via javascript, and how hide option in select in javascript.

With : i make a copy of original filter, because options style="display:none" didn't work.

Then : if we can't hide it in js : do we hide it in HTML ? What happen when a user post a bug : “This don't work if the 2 question are on same page” : we can do it but … need a big warning somewhere :)

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