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08837Feature requestsStatisticspublic2016-09-01 10:54
Reporterfdeconiac Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Summary08837: Statistics : add filters on user attributs (not only question)
DescriptionNow, to use statistics for some specific users, we can not filter on their attributes that we can alreay have (imported).
So the only way to do it is to create question/ask them again some information about them (information that we already have in fact).

So, could it be possible to add on the statistic filters page (index.php/admin/statistics/sa/index/surveyid/), a part with filters on "user" before the part on "answers" filters ?

That would really empowering this tool i just discovered !

Kindly regards
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has duplicate 11610 closed Add participants filters to statistics 




2014-03-11 12:00

developer   ~29185

And add a Equation Filter too ;)


2014-04-08 16:33

reporter   ~29694

Hi Denis,
Hi developpers team,

I'm still blocked on the use of Lime because of the missing filters on user attributes to display statistics.

Can someone notice me of the possibility to develop this filters ?
What could i do to make it possible (maybe help for specifications or describe more) ?

Thanks for your help :)


2014-04-09 11:27

developer   ~29700

Hi fdeconiac.

Without any modification, you can use:
- Question type 'short text'
- Set default to '{TOKEN:ATTRIBUTE_1}
- Set question advanced setting to hidden

You have your filter in statistics.



2016-09-01 10:54

developer   ~40622

Starting point for some filter:


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