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08419Feature requestsSurvey takingpublic2013-12-12 09:05
ReporterDenisChenu Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Summary08419: 2 event before Survey Start
DescriptionSome existing system need to set something before survey start, for example registring is great to be pluggable.
Some other thing can be done for each page show to public.

Think we can have 2 new events:
- beforeSurveyStart :
- beforePublicPage : can only use Yii system and update $_SESSION/$_GET/$_POST (and setConfig)
- afterPublicPage : get all information of the diplaying page
Additional InformationSome example of plugin possible

1) beforePublicPage :
- Replace survey listing
- Set a default survey (if no surveyid is set : set it to a default survey : some of our other have only one big survey, and don't use different survey.)
- Add own registering susystem (test survey and token : if survey and no token : shown own page)
- Add some default session
- Allways registring some script
- etc ...

2) afterPublicPage :
- Update HTML (replace footer): add own #index (maybe move index in plugin)
- Unregistering some js/css (why not) or put js and css in a CDN
- etc ...
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related to 08351 closedDenisChenu Add option to public registration page that allows resending of already registered user's login details 




2013-12-10 16:05

developer   ~27539

Sam: what do you think of this kind af event ?

Think RegisterController for example is better in Plugin


2013-12-10 17:20

reporter   ~27544

I suggest the following:
- Extend the survey settings wih a registration URL.
- Create a plugin that sets the survey URL to its own direct request URL and creates a token if / when it wants to.

The advantage of this approach is that we can support any registration system whether it is a plugin or an external system that uses the API to create a token.

We don't need any new events since this would use the direct request event, which seems good since registration via a plugin or external application does not have anything to do with Limesurvey itself.


2013-12-12 08:58

developer   ~27552

Last edited: 2013-12-12 08:59

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Then, your way is:
- Put the actual "resitration" page to a plugin
- Update the "registration Y/N" to registration page with default set to core/plugon/registration
- Allow user to set their own url here

PS: and what for
- "survey listing"
- allways register script
- Set some $_SESSION var



2013-12-12 09:05

developer   ~27553

Hi again,

A "beforePublicPage" can be used by

This user can use "core prefill url" and update his $_GET array with needed var.


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