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08335Development Expression Managerpublic2016-12-12 10:29
ReporterDenisChenu Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version2.05 
Summary08335: Move Mandatory to EM system
DescriptionStarting with "numeric" question type, we have already some "default" EM expression : for ranking and for numeric question type.

This expression send information to the userwith or without javascript and with/without screenreader.

I think we have to move whole "tip" in EM, and move Mandatory to EM too.
Steps To ReproduceExample:
- Single choice list
"Choose an answer" no expression by default, but !is_empty if mandatory: show error if not mandatory.
Additional InformationTake a long time because there are a lot of 'tips'

Remind to use different "tip text" with JS/noJS (for example tip text for ranking must be "select one different answer on each line" without js and "click and move your answer" in js.

But it can be really cooooooool
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parent of 08946 closedDenisChenu Bug reports mandatory numerical input shows numerical only validation error 
parent of 08672 closedDenisChenu Development  Sub question attribute in mandatory question Filtered can not be answered 
related to 05741 closedDenisChenu Development  Tip are not all included in {QUESTION_HELP} or elsewhere 
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2016-12-10 14:21

developer   ~42511

See :

Just partial here. BUT
- if mandatory is partially EM managed : what to do with "This question is mandatory" : currently : it's after the EM managed system : think it must be first.
- think it's best to have a different sentence after/before send to PHP script : OK.
- Maybe 'default' can be used for mandatory, and then type/class updated to 'mandatory' then more easily extended with error:on error:off (for example : shown asterisk grey/red, or remove the 'This question is mandatory' string.
- If we use for mandatiry : we must remove it in some situation : for example : in multiple choice mandatory=='minimum count at 1'

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