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07486Feature requestsStatisticspublic2019-05-17 08:30
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Summary07486: knowing presentation order of randomized questions can be important

Randomization of questions is a great feature included in LimeSurvey 1.91. For people using LimeSurvey in psychological research, however, knowing the order in which randomized trials are presented can be important. In the analysis of psychological data, trial number is often included as an additional variable, to account for learning or fatigue effects.

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A possible solution: store presentation order of randomized questions
Although I don't know myself how to implement this, it does not seem that hard to me to store the presentation order with the survey results. A trial number variable can be added to the results, with a value for each question whenever the survey administrator chooses to randomize the order of the questions. Same goes for the randomization of answers within a question.

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2012-07-07 11:55


Alternative solution: Store presentation order in a string before presentation of first question
As a professional researcher in psychology I definietely subscribe to the notion that the current implementation of the randomization option lacks one central feature needed, i.e. that the very order of presentation for each response is logged. However, this is needed for subsequent item analyses (i.e. halo effects etc.)!

I therefore propse an alternative solution, namely, that for each group (or, indeed, across groups or all survey items?) the order of question presentation is determined before the first question is presented.

For example, this could easily be done by creating and writing to a long string field within the limesurvey[number] table which determines the order of presentation for each respondent. (Ideally, this should work for both randomized and nonrandom questions!!)

Then, for each group or question presented, the order can easily be determined by reading of the substrings of this field.



2014-05-28 18:53

reporter   ~30030

I agree. For psychological research this is critical. We need to know the presentation order for randomized questions.

Another situation where this would be needed. Imagine I want to present a set of randomized items, in separated screens. I want to ask two types of questions for each item in different screens (e.g. First answer Yes/No to a question, then tell me how confident you are in your response). As far as I see, there is no way to do this right now.

Storing the presentation order for the items would solve this type of problem.



2019-05-17 08:30

developer   ~51978

by plugin :
getQuestionOrder : «Fill a question with the final order of question and/or group in any survey»

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