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05741Development Survey takingpublic2016-12-10 18:27
ReporterDenisChenu Assigned ToDenisChenu  
Status closedResolutionno change required 
Product Version1.92RC2 
Target Version2.1 
Summary05741: Tip are not all included in {QUESTION_HELP} or elsewhere
DescriptionWe use QUESTION_HELP to have some automatic help, and now, we have a lot of new help with LEM.

Actually, there are a lot of tip in {ANSWER} ( for example numeric question ).
Sometimes tip are under the answers, sometimes before the answers.

I think we had to move all tip in {QUESTION_HELP}, to review {QUESTION_HELP} or to add a {QUESTION_TIP}.

Steps To ReproduceAdd a numeric question, and look at survey taking
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2012-02-24 17:28

reporter   ~17615

Is this still a concern?


2012-02-25 12:26

developer   ~17625

Last edited: 2012-02-25 12:27

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Hello Tom,

It's not EM problem, it's a very old problem :).

Example : choose a numeric question, with a min and max.

you have validation in {QUESTION_HELP} part, but you have too this one not in {QUESTION_HELP} part:
Only numbers may be entered in this field ( it's the tip you can hide with hide_tip attribute for a long time).

It's a Development bug, i think we can review this for 2.0, it's not an EM problem :)

PS: like i say : move this tip in {QUESTION_HELP} or add a {QUESTION_TIP} can be solution.



2012-03-01 13:54

developer   ~17694

Last edited: 2012-03-01 13:57

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We can add all tips in $question['help'] in quanda.php.

But i think we have some other modification to do:
1st remove the br /
Put all the tips in
p class="questionhelp tip" . It's more HTML Semantics.

I can take for 1.92 or 2.0

Edit : $question['help'] not qtip.



2016-12-10 18:27

developer   ~42515

Closed in 2.5X (unsure when)

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