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16801Development Otherpublic2021-01-12 13:46
ReporterDenisChenu Assigned Toollehar  
Status testingResolutionopen 
Product Version3.x 
Summary16801: Permission function by model review
DescriptionCurrent function can/must be static.There are permission function that clearly don't need model i think they must eb moved to static function keep the dynamic one as deprecated since it can be used by Plugins.

Steps To ReproduceAlternate solution :


function hasPermission($objectId, $permission, $crud, $userId) {
    return Permission::hasPermission(0, 'global', get_class($this), $crud , $userId)
        || Permission::hasPermission($objectId, get_class($this), $permission, $crud , $userId);

Extend in Survey, SurveysGroups, SurveysInGroup (currently)

Set @deprecated for hasSurveyPermission
remove hasSurveysGroupsPermission and hasSurveysInGroupPermission
Check for hasRolePermission, hasTemplatePermission and hasGlobalPermission
Additional InformationFunction :
- [hasPermission](
- [hasGlobalPermission](
- [hasSurveyPermission](
- [hasRolePermission](
- [hasTemplatePermission](

About all hasEntityPermission : did we create new one or use a global one for future ?
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parent of 16440 testingcdorin Feature requests Survey group Permission : minimal system 
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2021-01-12 13:45

developer   ~61493


2021-01-12 13:46

developer   ~61494

Template and Role don't use `Permission::setPermission` and other function :)

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