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15545Bug reportsExpression Managerpublic2019-11-08 08:04
ReporterDenisChenu Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Summary15545: Survey logic file show valid question even if not valid

In survey logic file : a question can be invalid with error in expression.

Steps To Reproduce


{badFunction(Q00)} - {join(Q00)}

in question text : error are not show

Additional Information

It's because ExpressionManager::RDP_errs each time RDP_Evaluate is loaded.
And here RDP_Evaluate is loaded 2 times, and the second time there don't have error …

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)3.17.9 github 0b7ba65
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related to 15532 closedDenisChenu Feature requests Show warnings when implicit alphabetical compare is used in expressions 
related to 15547 new Bug reports Invalid error count on Survey Logic file for subquestion relevance 




2019-11-07 18:03




2019-11-07 18:05

developer   ~54472

@ollehar : ffound it when working on 15532: Show warnings

Because adding multiple equation : only one warning shown …

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