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14944Development Import/Exportpublic2019-11-22 14:40
ReporterDenisChenu Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version3.x 
Summary14944: Adding id and related_id in TSV export make it complicated to edit
DescriptionTSV is made for Export : update manually, import.
Have id and related_id make it complex to editing
Remove this 2 columns : still working

What is the usage of this 2 columns ?
Additional InformationIn 2.X : import/export as roughly tested and working with multilingual, survey.

User just have to put subquestion after question : it's clear enough

@dominikvitt : i think you add this id , related_id : for user it make it complex to use TSV. Did you remind the reason ? Then related mantis ?
Currenlty : using TSV for quick edit of survey seems broken (for example for translation).

I use it for :
1. Translation
2. Make 4 subgroups with same questions in a group

Removing this 2 columns : TSV can be imported.
With this 2 columns : i must set random number …
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related to 06502 closedmfaber Development  Unable to import exported multi lang survey 
related to 14403 feedbackLouisGac Feature requests Survey Export sorting by question_order 




2019-05-27 19:47

developer   ~52123

I can find and fix : but speediest if i know usage of this 2 columns :)


2019-05-28 13:41

developer   ~52128

id and related id columns are required for export and import of quotas.
Quotas are too complex to reconstruct without those columns.
See here:

All other objects aren't required to have those columns set, it would work without them.


2019-05-28 14:04

developer   ~52129

Last edited: 2019-05-28 14:05

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OK, for quota only.

Because quota table use qid and not question/answer code in export (and import).

Terribly boring since TSV is a really good tool but broken here …



2019-05-28 14:06

developer   ~52130

Three tables need to be connected, so it's not so easy.


2019-05-28 14:14

developer   ~52131

I check it when i found times :)


2019-06-25 14:56

developer   ~52543

@dominikvitt : what do you think if we don't add this 2 columns if there are no quota ?


2019-07-12 14:48

developer   ~52863

@dominikvitt id and related_id are not used for Question and answers ? Right ?

Then i think we can use another column for quota is and related id.

For Group we use G1,G2 etc … Why not QTA1, QTA2 etc …

I have an issue currently with quota , i check if it was a plugin before report …


2019-07-12 14:52

developer   ~52864

Those columns are used only for Quotas.
Number of columns in TSV export should always be the same or it would be very confusing.


2019-07-12 15:50

developer   ~52866

I see you remove the number in export for Group : we add it for import group with multiple language : there are an old issue somewhere …

For id and related id, clearly

1. Don't put it if not used , needed : just set it to "" for qid and gis (and assessmeents).
2. Since ii's not a major columns : add it after other column (maybe just after relevance ) : this one is easy.


2019-07-12 15:51

developer   ~52867

If it's used only for quota : why not name it quota_id and related_quota_id ?

Unsure on this point : if we need it another id elsewhere …


2019-08-05 00:21

reporter   ~53085

After extensive testing, I discovered that any "text" column data that includes a non-standard ASCII character (as get copied out of Word and include things like en-dash and em-dash and the slanted versions of the single and double quotation marks) creates a crash in the import with no error message. It seems that you can copy formated Word text into the Limesurvey survey creator, but the importer cannot handle such text.

I've now cleaned up my Excel pseudo-database of survey questions and can start generating new forms.


2019-08-06 09:17

developer   ~53121

@pnickel : totally unrelated to this issue … please report another bug …


2019-11-22 14:40

developer   ~54762

@ollehar on irc
> (12:19:48) ollehar: I thought we had excel format for that?

Yes : TSV is tab-separated-value for editing in excel

@cdorin : sorry don't found times for this one, set as new. Please can you check ? Nobody use on ?

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