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14795Development Tokenspublic2019-07-15 11:41
ReporterDenisChenu Assigned Tocdorin  
Status assignedResolutionreopened 
Product Version4.0.0dev 
Summary14795: Extend Token Response etc … to automatically encryt/decrypt

Looking at
I think it's really better if we encrypt/decrypt automatically use model()->save/model()->find etc …

Steps To Reproduce

And idea can be

LSactiverecord->isEncrypted() {
return false;

Add in LSactiveRecord 2 function atahced to afterFind event and beforeSave event
This 2 function encryot/decrypt if needed (if $this->isEncrypted return true).

Additional Information

Adding a parent function is better to check the "Model name" here :

Maybe we can too add a model->getEncryptedAttribute to put in eachy model the needed part :

To add automatically the functions needed :

    public function init()
        $this->attachEventHandler("onBeforeSave", array($this, 'encryptData'));
        $this->attachEventHandler("onAfterSave", array($this, 'resetEncryptData'));
        $this->attachEventHandler("onAfterFind", array($this, 'decryotData'));

Allow us to have clean function name and add it only if needed …

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2019-04-24 10:49

developer   ~51561

Last edited: 2019-04-24 10:49

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onAfterSave need to reset data :

echo $oToken->token.' saved with success';

for example

Ifyou're OK : i can make a pull request before merging



2019-04-24 11:24

developer   ~51562

No, current design is very good, because it doesn't rely on events, but is called only when needed.
Design is much cleaner this way.



2019-04-24 12:26

developer   ~51564

I don't understand ?

Using an automatic system seems better in my opinion. See the previous issue for example.

For the on demand : if you use save : you broke the DB (have a 500 error …)

A,nd for event : it's the Yii event : they always happen.

I don't understand your «on demand» : it's needed : it must be by default …



2019-04-24 12:37

developer   ~51566

A way top BROKE db (with debug=2 : throw error 500)
Using remote control API to create a participant

2 solution:
Update ->save to encryptSave EVERYWHERE …

or ->save() use ->encryptSave() (by default, bnut can be disable)

Really mire clean if save use encryptSave … Same fpor findByPk or findByAttributes etc …



2019-04-24 13:07

administrator   ~51567

Yes, ->save() will be replaced by ->encrypt()->save() everywhere. Easy change, no? Great that you report any place Dominik forgot!



2019-04-24 13:16

developer   ~51568

@ollehar : Then : why not extend ->save (or add a beforeSave function) to encrypt by default.

I really undestand wht NOT extend save function ?



2019-04-24 14:39

developer   ~51572

Already have 3 issue (and one potential after 14797 was fixed) : i really think it must be done by defaut (if survey is 'crypted' active for token) directly in the 2 models

I didn't check Response currently , only token …

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