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11889Feature requestsErgonomypublic2016-12-07 14:46
Reportervkuzmin Assigned To 
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Summary11889: Error pages customization by adding more end url options.
DescriptionCurrently to customize error pages survey owner should modify *.mo files or even *.php core files. How about adding more end URLs for common errors in survey general settings? limesurvey have quota's URLs and one URL field that will be shown after survey taking. But it isnt enough.

How about more:
-Survey is active but isn't started yet.
-Survey is active but expired.
-Survey is inactive.
-Participant's token dont exist.
-Participant's token have zero uses left.
-Participant's token will be active later (valid from field).
-Participant's token is outdated.(valid until field).
Additional InformationFor example i will set end url with sad cat image (like ) for but expired active survey. That mean if our respondent forgot about survey he will see that image.
Or show our phone number when token is outdated. That mean if our respondent had acces to private survey he can call to us and get new link.
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duplicate of 09649 new Plugin event : update "default core string" 




2016-11-09 10:14

developer   ~41809

Maybe some can be here :


2016-11-14 15:44

developer   ~41893

"How about adding more end URLs for common errors in survey general settings? "
could you please open a separated feature request for this one?


2016-11-14 15:57

reporter   ~41897

I should make 7 feature requests, one for each error?


2016-12-07 13:13

partner   ~42439

What about expanding the language specific section (date format, decimal separator..) with a message table.
That would allow overriding the default messages.

A next step would be expanding the templates section with more pages.
Perhaps even language specific to get more control over the look and feel.
A paused or deactivated survey often needs a individual message instead of a technical term/sentence from the PO-files.


2016-12-07 14:46

developer   ~42444

In 3.0 develop, all is done here :

Solution 1 : in template (views) use own string. Maybe we can add $sType for this. Then it was more easily managed.
Solution 2 : Use beforeControllerAction to extend SurveyController and replace this function.

Think we have all now.

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