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11610Feature requestsStatisticspublic2016-09-01 10:54
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Summary11610: Add participants filters to statistics
DescriptionHello, I run a survey which is addressed to different groups of people.
Adding the feature to filter respondants (for example by attributes) in the statistics page would be very useful. So, it may be possible to view statistics of responses given by different clusters of persons directly in LS w/out exporting.
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duplicate of 08837 new Statistics : add filters on user attributs (not only question) 




2016-09-01 10:11

reporter   ~40620

Sorry, I have just seen issue 08837 which looks to be the same request


2016-09-01 10:53

developer   ~40621

Close this one :)

I made a export filter plugin for 2.06 :

Maybe yun can take some inspiration.

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