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10074Feature requestsTheme editorpublic2016-04-12 10:48
Reportertammo Assigned ToLouisGac 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Summary10074: Please insert LS version and build# as classes in body
DescriptionWhen testing version 2.5 RC3 we now see that the structure of the HTML is slightly different from earlier version. In order to keep templates working in multiple versions it would help very much if both the version and the build# are inserted as body classes so we can define conditionals.

Something like <body class="v2.5 b151225">
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child of 07545 assignedLouisGac Use a dedicated template engine 




2015-12-04 15:09

administrator   ~33687

I see the problem but the solution is not right.
Revealing version and build number can be a security problem.
This could be resolved though by a proper templating engine which offers conditional statements without needing PHP directlry.


2015-12-04 15:21

partner   ~33704

Is there any indication if and when a "proper" templating engine is available in LimeSurvey?


2015-12-09 15:30

developer   ~33814

I can at least put a class like 'bootstrap' to indicate it's using the bootstrap engine.


2015-12-09 15:37

developer   ~33815

Fix committed to 2.5 branch:


2015-12-09 15:38

developer   ~33816

Now the body has a new class : bootstrap-engine
In the future, it should be possible to choose between different engines to generate the html flow (the DOM).


2016-04-12 10:48

administrator   ~37246

Version 2.50+ Build 140413 released

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LimeSurvey: 2.5 fba77c36

2015-12-09 14:36:55


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Fixed issue 10074: body has a new class 'bootstrap-engine' Affected Issues
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